Revelations From Rock Bottom

from by Angry Hand Of God

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Revelations From Rock Bottom

Like a discarded beer soaked cigarette forgotten before it expires
Amazing grace came in the form of a slow creeping odor.
What began as sweet promise and infinite possibility,
Now lies split-lipped, bloodied, and unconscious on the ground.

You pop apocalypse like bon bons because you've never seen it
you've seen it on the screen but they don't really mean it
Put a monster in a whole and filled in a crack
but never mind your secret, the creature's coming back
Take political sabbaticals while your brother twists
In the wind is where you hide, behind every fist
Put the body in the lake and weighed down the sack
but never mind your secret, the body comes floating back

The blood scent in the water, no you can't hide that smell
Admit it all today before the rot rebels

There's a reason they avert their eyes, when you go to speak
It’s not about your story arc or if you have peaked
What is it that makes your situation so unique?
It's 'cause you're a cliché, and the world's a fucking freak
With no freak flag to fly, the wind just spins around
The world becomes a toilet bowl, sucking people down
But the opposite of gravity will bring us floating back
So never mind a sad defeat it's time to go on the attack

The blood scent in the water, no you can't hide the smell
Admit it all today before the rot rebels

You can smell it when the blood clouds up the water
The way these chains they drag you 'round
And you'd do better to confess it all today
While you've got breath to make a sound


from Just The Tip (EP), released July 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Angry Hand Of God Denver, Colorado

Angry Hand of God began in 2006 when the band’s two original guitarists Mark Pilloud and Pat Dixon met via an ad on and began writing the band’s first few songs. Bass player Brian Kennedy joined later followed by drummer Garrett McGaugh. The last addition to band was vocalist and Colorado native, Ezana Negash.

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